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The beef industry is the largest agricultural enterprise in Australia with over 60% of our beef production exported annually.

Australia’s first class reputation for supplying safe, fully traceable beef is surpassed only by it’s quality and taste. Vast open acreages allow us to produce a superior grass fed product or alternative options include grain finished, high quality produce from specialty breeds such as Wagyu or Angus.


Beef is a rich source of protein, containing iron and zinc essential for energy and strengthening the immune system, beef is an essential part of today’s diet.

Midfield Commodities can supply your needs across the full range of Chilled and Frozen Beef products.


The beef industry is the largest agriculture enterprise in Australia. Over 60% of the nations beef production is exported internationally each year, making Australian beef export one of the many rapidly growing industries within the country.


The Australian beef export industry has a first class reputation for supplying safe, clean and fully traceable beef products to customers worldwide. At Midfield Commodities, we are committed to ensuring we exceed client expectations through our Australian beef export services.


We aim to deliver high quality and superior beef products to our increasingly growing customer base, both nationally and internationally.


We successfully do this through having access to vast and open acreages, which allows us to produce superior grass fed products as part of our Australian beef export services. Our exceptional resources give us the ability to export Australian beef throughout the year to a wide variety of markets with various product requirements.


Our beef export within Australia has a strong focus on providing clients with alternative high quality options, produced from grain fed specialty breeds such as Waygu and Angus.


At Midfield Commodities, we strive to ensure our Australian beef export services successfully meet all the needs of our clients. This is why we have developed a diverse selection of chilled and frozen products, made from our premium and top quality cuts of Australian beef. 

It is important to us that our export of Australian beef not only provides our customers with a high quality product, but also delivers a maximum nutritional benefit. Beef is a rich source of protein, containing vital minerals such as iron and zinc to provide energy, whilst supporting and strengthening the immune system. Our diligent quality control processes and high food handling standards, means that our products maintain their nutritional value throughout the export of Australian beef. 

We source only the best produce and offer our customers a diverse range of products, to ensure we provide exceptional services and maintain our position as one of the leading companies in the Australian beef export industry.



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