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A rapidly growing demand for protein across the world has seen Australian mutton continue to fill this need.

From traditional markets such as the Middle East and The United States to the recent emerging market in China, Australian mutton continues to be seen as a reliable, safe, price effective source of protein.

Mutton can be sourced in the following ways:

  • Whole Carcase
  • 6 Way (boxed) Carcases
  • Boneless Trunk
  • Bone in primal cuts such as
  • Bone-in Square Cut Shoulder
  • Bone in Loin
  • Bone in / Boneless Legs
  • Bone in Necks

The rapidly growing demand for protein across the world has seen the export of Australian mutton to a variety of overseas markets significantly increase. Affordable prices and high levels of production, means that the export of Australian mutton is continuously growing throughout well-established international markets.


In recent years, China has emerged as one of the dominant markets for the export of Australian mutton, along with the traditional markets of the Middle East and The United States. The export of Australian mutton is reliable, safe, cost effective and provides consumers with an excellent source of protein.


Mutton differs to lamb in regards to its age and flavour. Whilst lamb is sourced from baby sheep, mutton comes from older sheep and typically has a stronger flavour. Generally, it is more favourable to the palette when tenderised for longer periods of time.


We export Australian Mutton in various ways to service the specific requirements of our clients. We source premium quality produce and export Australian mutton to our customers as a whole carcase, prepared as a 6 way boxed carcase or as a boneless trunk. We also specialise in the export of Australian mutton primal cuts including bone in square cut shoulder, bone in loin, bone in/ boneless legs and bone in necks. 


Our years of experience within the industry means our customers can benefit from our expertise, professionalism and extensive knowledge in the export of Australian mutton. Our staff have a commitment to delivering superior customer service, so you can feel satisfied knowing we will deliver on quality produce and exceed expectations through our Australian mutton export services. At Midfield Commodities, our quality assurance staff follow strict guidelines to provide our clients with superior produce throughout the export of Australian mutton. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will work with our clients to cater for all needs and requirements, serving you in the most effective way possible.



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