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Offals or organ meats such as liver, heart and kidneys have traditionally been referred to as superfoods and are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat.

A rich source of Vitamin A, organ meats have been a mainstay diet of traditional cultures for generations and are sought after for being lean, high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals.

With a worldwide focus now on sustainable living, a ‘nose to tail’ attitude towards consumption and the health benefits associated, the demand for organ meats will continue to grow.


Midfield Commodities export Australian offal through a diverse range of markets around the globe.The Australian offal export industry positively impacts the nation’s economy, due to our status as one of the largest suppliers of offal in the world. Over the past 10 years, the export of Australian offal has increased by 56 percent, supplying international markets with over 1630,000 tonnes of produce.

Offal refers to the cuts of meat which come from the animal carcass once it has been butchered. The most common types of Australian offal we export for consumption at Midfield Commodities is liver, heart, brain and kidneys.However, the specific cuts of meat vary throughout different parts of the world, therefore we strive to ensure we export Australian offal that meets the exact requirements of our clients.

As a rich source of vital nutrients including vitamin A, iron, protein and folic acid, offal is recognised as a superfood which presentsmany fantastic health benefits. For generations, the export of Australian offal has allowed cultures across the globe to utilise this increasingly popular protein in their traditional cuisines.


We source our products from a wide range of premium Australian producers, allowing us to export quality Australian offal in various forms to meet the diverse needs of our growing client base. Our extensive range of quality resources, along with our years of experience within the industry means that our customers will have satisfaction knowing that we export Australian offal of the safest and highest quality. Our highly trained onsite quality assurance staff, follow strict rules and regulations throughout the export of Australian offal to maximise its nutritional benefits and ensure a superior product is delivered to the consumer. With a worldwide focus on sustainable, economic and healthy living, the demand for the export of Australian offal is anticipated to continuously grow.



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