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Australia’s chicken meat industry has not been operative for as long, nor is it as steeped in tradition compared to other major livestock industries here however, over the past 50 years, poultry production has reached levels now where the price competitiveness, increasing product variety, improved quality and health benefits have made chicken one of Australia’s and the world’s favourite proteins. Chicken meat is consumed by 90per cent of the world’s population at least once a week.


Although 95% of poultry produced here is represented by chicken, there is also production that incorporates turkey and duck under the poultry term.


Midfield Commodities can assist you with supply of a range of poultry products including leg quarters, whole birds, wings and casserole cuts.


We take pride in the export of Australian poultry and strive to provide our clients with exceptional quality produce. Our team of talented and dedicated staff will go above and beyond, to meet the service requirements of our clients throughout all processes involved in the export of Australian poultry. At Midfield Commodities, our years of industry experience in the export of Australian poultry, allows us to effectively meet the supply needs of our clients no matter their location.

Across the globe, poultry is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sources of proteins. Chicken is consumed at least once a week by 90 percent of the world’s population and is recognised as a common staple in many households. This is mainly due to its affordability, high quality, versatility and diverse product variety. Being a lean cut of meat with a wide variety of health benefits, chicken is an increasingly popular choice of protein amongst the health conscious.

Midfield commodities provide their Australian poultry export services in both international and domestic markets. South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Pacific Islands and Singapore, are countries which primarily require the export of Australian poultry. However, trends show that in the export of Australian poultry, there is a primary focus on meeting the service requirements of domestic customers. Whilst it is expected that the popularity of poultry will continue to significantly increase on a global scale, the Australian poultry export industry is predicted to continue meeting the demands of the domestic market.


As part of our Australian poultry export services, Midfield Commodities can assist you with the supply of a wide range of poultry products that will effectively service your needs. These include leg quarters, whole birds, wings and casserole cuts. Although chicken is the most common form of poultry produced in Australia, turkey and duck are also popular proteins that form a proportion of the Australian poultry we export at Midfield Commodities. Our focus on effective and clear communication with our clients, means that we will work with you to consistently export Australian poultry of premium quality.



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