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Midfield Commodities - Australian Meat Exporter



Midfield Products

Midfield Commodities is the import/export trading division of The Midfield Group. Based in Adelaide, it trades and sells fresh and frozen beef, mutton, lamb, goat, poultry and offal, in boneless and bone-in form.

Midfield Commodities not only sells meat and by products from the Midfield plants but many small and large meat processing facilities in Australia. It exports its product world-wide and maintains a strong commitment to the religious beliefs and requirements of its service markets, including the Halal sector.

As the trading arm of one of Australia’s leading meat processors, Midfield Commodities has the benefit on an on-site boning room and Quality Assurance staff, which ensure a superior product and service for the customer.


Midfield Trading

Midfield Trading is the domestic arm of the group, with offices and storage facilities in all major capital cities of Australia. Midfield Trading handles a wide variety of products including Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Seafood, Game Meats and other processed and manufactured meats.


Midfield Production

The Midfield Group of companies incorporates a processing division and boasts an internationally recognised, state of the art abattoir, processing Beef, Lamb, Veal and Mutton and their by-products.

Midfield has one the largest multi species meat processing plants in Australia on a single shift basis, with a throughput in excess of 2 million beef and small stock annually.


The plant is supported by a sales and marketing team which services clients throughout Australia and the world.


Our fully integrated systems ensure meat products are processed – from slaughter, through boning and freezing to being loaded straight onto either a container to be shipped worldwide or one of our fleets of trucks for local distribution – within hours.

Our Meat Safety Quality Assurance Program incorporates world-recognised HACCAP principles for the production of wholesome products for the world market.


These programs are audited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and AUS-MEAT.

We also operate a NATA accredited laboratory where our qualified microbiologists check, double check and triple check our products.


Midfield Technology

Midfield Technologies is the Groups research and development division. Ongoing projects include robotic carcase cutters, primal portion cutting and IQF freezing.


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