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Goat meat has been consumed around the world for centuries and has been established as a lean meat with favourable nutritional qualities that is an ideal choice for the health conscious consumer.


The low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, combined with its high iron and protein content, has seen goat meat become the most commonly consumed red meat in the world.


Australia is seen as the primary supplier of rangeland goat meat to the world exporting over 30,000 tonnes of product annually.


Midfield Commodities is able to assist with sourcing a variety of goat products including skin on and skin off options, whole carcase or 6 way cut (boxed) options.


Australia is recognised as the primary nation for the production and export of Australian goat meat. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the demand for the export of Australian goat meat throughout international markets. The Australian goat meat export industry is worth $130 million and supplies countries across the globe with an estimated total of over 30,000 tonnes of premium rangeland goat meat annually.

Goat is a lean meat with many nutritional benefits. The low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, combined with its high iron and protein content, make it an ideal and popular choice amongst the health conscious consumer. Our diligent quality assurance staff ensure the nutritional benefits and quality of our highly sought after products, remain superior through the export of our Australian goat produce.


As a versatile ingredient, goat can be utilised in a wide variety of cuisines, making it one of the most commonly consumed red meats in a diverse range of countries acrossthe world. The growth of the Australian goat export industry means we have access to top breeds, producing high quality products. At Midfield Commodities, we recognise the demand for this speciality meat and are committed to providing our customers with products of exceptional quality through our Australian goat export services. 

At Midfield Commodities, we are licensed to export Australian goat meat to international and domestic markets. We source and export premium Australian goat and provide our clients with a broad range of options to effectively meet their requirements. We can tailor your order to service your needs, whether you require the export of Australiangoat with skin on or off, a whole carcase or a 6 way cut (boxed) option. As qualified professionals in the growing industry, we guarantee to export Australian goat meat that will satisfy our clients.



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